What do women think about after a one-night stand?

 What do women think about after a one-night stand?

Men and women take a different approach in terms of the process and their physical makeup of sexual intimacy and sex. This is the case in every aspect of sexual relations and is especially true in the case of single-night relationships. Some men may have a fun hook-up and move forward with their lives being satisfied and content with the end of the night, without thinking about the past. Women however must process the evening's events review their emotions and make sure that everything is in order before moving on.

Whatever way the night went, or how amazing the sex was or how thrilling and exhilarating the night was, one of the first thing women feel the following day is typically regret. This is particularly true for the first time she has a one-night-stand. The regret feeling can be extremely strong, and is fueled by feelings of insecurity and embarrassment in a vulnerable position with someone new, guilt and even shame. The regret she feels is a complicated feeling that is mixed with other emotions that may take time for her to process and start to feel more confident about.

When the initial emotions of regret begin to settle and she starts to process and accept the circumstances, the second step will be to go back and review the events of last night's date and the one-night affair in depth to answer the question "What actually transpired?" She will rewind to the events and feelings that led up to the moment she first met her hook-up and identify the thoughts she was thinking and feeling which led her to go for the one-night affair. The next step is to analyze the process of wooing and revisit the factors which attracted her her person and made the prospect of a hook-up thrilling and real. Then, she will follow up by reliving as many aspects of their intimate interactions as is possible in order to determine what she was most happy about and what she would regret doing. Then, she'll evaluate the way in which their one-night romance ended and consider what she thinks about herself. This process is crucial to a woman's ability to feel confident about herself, her choices and actions in the context of her daily life.

In the course of this emotional process, or shortly following, her rational and responsible self comes into the equation to ask, "Were you responsible?" Concerned about getting pregnant or developing a sexually transmissible illness it is an crucial question that needs to be addressed immediately. Did she have safe sexual activity? If there was plenty of alcohol consumed during the evening, this could be a tough question to answer. It could be necessary to look for the condom's empty wrapper or, even more importantly, seek out her partner's answer. Hopefully, she will be able to quickly and confidently reassure herself that she actually did perform safe sexual sex. If not, it could be a persistent problem that could be a major cause for anxiety as time goes by.

If the night was a success, if the sex was enjoyable, and she's still interested in the one-night partner she was with at the time of waking the woman may start to think about what's next. It is clear that in the morning after she has a high desire to go home, process the emotions, and then return to her normal life. After evaluating the hookup and her feelings and how she was able to enjoy this experience may think about hooking up to have more fun sexual sex, or perhaps wonder whether there's a chance for a long-term relationship.

A woman should feel comfortable about the event and herself following every single night of dating. There is a chance that she will regret certain aspects of the night, however, she will usually leave with a positive outlook on her and the night.

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