Friends with Benefits(FWB) What is It Really Mean?

 Friends with Benefits(FWB) What is It Really Mean?

Friends with Benefits (FWB) is commonly described as a sexual connection between two individuals which the main basis for the partnership is sexual sex without any expectation of romantic relationships or any other type of commitment. According to the Urban Dictionary defines Friends With Benefits as "a friendship that allows sexual activities, but no real relationship is established. It is not a girlfriend or boyfriend. The advantage is solely sexual. It is not tied to feelings." Another definition is"a person you can occasionally hook up or have a fling or make out with, etc and do it without worrying regarding commitment."

Although this may sound straightforward enough on the surface but are things really that easy? What do friends with benefits really mean? Men and women view benefit-based friends differently? Are women more likely to be those who have benefits?

When you look beyond the superficial significance of the term Friends with benefits may be a more complex relationship than what the definition suggests. Since feelings are at play and each person is different in the sense of what they want from a relationship, and the amount they are willing to put into any relationship, friendships with benefits could quickly become as complex as any other type of relationship.

Friends are people who you put you trust and who is a person you trust. This requires you to get acquainted with the person. Therefore, friends with benefits require an existing relationship in which that trust has been built. Friends with benefits that are shared with strangers is just an initial hook-up which may or may not develop into something more. The act of forcing strangers or people you don't know to a friendship status pushes the relationship to take a path that is not positive or healthy. If the goal is sex and the relationship is naturally complicated. When sex is involved the relationship becomes more complicated and the nature of the relationship could alter quickly.

To make a long-lasting and beneficial "friends that have advantages" relationship to be successful together, you both need to be acquainted with each other, share an understanding of the relationship, and have a common understanding of the relationship and maintain a safe and efficient communication. Even when everything appears to be going well emotions change and external influences can affect the relationship. There should be an commitment to each other's feelings and well-being, as well as the ability to alter your relationship at any time.

Studies suggest that women and men view friendships with benefits in different ways. Men are more likely to seek out and even suggest "friends who have advantages" relationships than females. Men tend to pursue more connections and tend to be more likely to recommend an FWB relationship to those they don't have a good relationship with. Women, on the other hand are less likely to start an FWB relationship, and should they decide to do so, it will be with someone they already have relationships with.

When in an FWB relationship the men are more likely to end the relationship or seek more from their FWB partner, thereby changing the conditions of the relationship. After a successful FWB relationship, women tend to be more inclined to keep their FWB status and would prefer to stick the terms agreed upon by the relationship.

When you're sexually involved with someone, feelings grow expectations shift and issues could arise rapidly. Communication that is honest and open is the best method to manage the shifting relationships.

The FWB relationship is not for all. If you're looking to pursue one, start by building the foundation of friendship and look into the potential advantages. Communication and honesty are the key to maintaining any good FWB relationship. You can also visit this FWB dating app and try it out.

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