Women don't enjoy casual sex Like Men

 Women don't enjoy casual sex Like Men

There is a general perception that in the world of hookups and casual sexual relations that women taking part in this prevailing social norm are enjoying the experience and have a great time just as men. Although it's the case that women today are more likely to seek out and take part in casual sex opposed to women of generations before, women are more likely to decline the chance to have casual sex than males.

In a well-known study in 1978 carried out at Florida State University by Dr. Russel Clark and Dr. Elaine Hatfield, and the same results were confirmed the year 1982. When asked to go on an evening date, the majority of women and men agreed to the date. If asked to visit someone's home and meet them, the majority of men were in agreement, while only 6 percent of the women were in agreement. When asked if they wanted sexual sex, 75 percent the males said yes, while none of the women agreed. This study, as well as other similar studies show that men are more attracted to informal, no-pressure sexual relations than women.

The recent rise of dating apps for online use and a growing public acceptance for casual sex sex has been evident over the past decade In a variety of recent books and articles on the subject of casual sex as well as an article in Vanity Fair report that featured women with casual sex that were featured or interviewed regularly stated that they weren't satisfied with their relationships or with their casual sexual relations. A majority of them stated that they are not happy with the lack of an intimate relationship, and they aren't happy with being in a relationship that isn't intimate, and at times, they don't enjoy the sexual intimacy. A majority of women who engage in informal sex are actually making use of it as a way to build a stronger and more lasting relationship with their spouse.

The advent of dating apps has made getting to know new people and having a sex session quick and simple. In certain circles, it's the most popular method to meet someone new and enjoy an intimate time. For males, it could seem like a dream, with an abundance of gorgeous women in your vicinity and the ability to arrange a variety of dates within a week, which can lead to sexual encounters. For women online dating as well as hook-up apps are now the accepted method to meet interesting people and make dates even if it you end up having unsatisfying sex with strangers more frequently than they'd prefer.

But in the case of casual sex, women who are single tend to be more open to the possibility of informal sexual relations as married ladies. The statistics show that just 14 percent of married women have an extramarital affair with casual sex, compared to 22 percent for their spouses.

Married women are more likely to have affairs due to being unhappy with their marriage or the relationship they are in does not meet their needs. Women are aware that casual sexual activity will not bring them happiness In fact, research has shown the married woman who are involved in an affair with more than one partner are more likely to be depressed. The relationship does not make up for what is not being fulfilled in their marriages, it's just a nice escape and a fantasy that helps people forget of the things that are not being fulfilled in the union.

The fact is that women aren't as sexy as men are. Yes, they participate in the sport because this is what society is telling them to do in regards to how they should conduct themselves and how to meet new people. Women are still searching for someone to be loved and cherish, and who will cherish and love them back.

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If men awake and realize that they want a long-term and loving relationship and a long-lasting relationship, the world of casual sex not as attractive. If women can quit playing the game of casual sex and actually meet loving and compassionate men, there is a chance for lasting relationships, satisfying relationships, and relationship that is beyond imagination.

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